Expressing gratitude between co-workers can be fun and engaging for everyone!

Give and get Props

¿Do you finish that project in record time? ¿Did someone prepare you a wonderful birthday surprise?: Make your employees feel appreciated and encouraged them to show gratitude by giving and receiving props.

You'll never be without the right prop. They're listed by category and we're always adding new ones!.

Upgrade to more awesome with our add-on prop packs, like the new action pack.


Keep them engaged to challenge them to unlock new props.

Create a share goal to your entire team to encourage them to work together.

Do you think that you need some unique props to reflect your company culture? No problem, just ask us and we will work together to make new ones.

Distribute bonus rewards

Choose an amount and select a desired pay period.

Reward them by distribute the bonus fairly based on the number of points earned.

Using Props avoids problems inherent in currency based systems.

A little bit about us

Since our launch in 2011, DueProps has distinguished itself from the competition by providing an easy, frictionless, and most importantly, fun, way of encouraging your managers and employees to express gratitude to each other on a daily basis.