DueProps is a Peer Recognition Game for Workplaces

When people feel appreciated, they're happier,
more engaged and more productive.


How it Works:

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    Give and Get Props

    Give and Get Props

    Props are collectible tokens of appreciation. Use our extensive collection or work with us to design props that best reflect your company values and objectives.

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    Accomplish Challenges

    Accomplish Challenges

    The biggest wins happen when your team works together towards shared goals. DueProps challenges your people along the way, making sure that strong performances don't go unnoticed by management.

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    Bonus Pool Rewards

    Bonus Pool Rewards

    Our shared bonus pool feature lets you bring points-based competition into the mix, firing up engagement levels while avoiding the problems of currency-based point systems.

Featured Props

DueProps Works For:

  • Joshua Kerievsky

    CEO, Industrial Logic

    "I really like the tool. It’s helping me to appreciate employees and sub-contractors in a fun way."
  • Ben Arendt

    Principal, GetExceptional

    "Sometimes there are jobs that no one wants to do, or no one can solve; these thankless jobs now get the DueProps they deserve. Office karma is at an all time high!"
  • Danielle Truesdale

    HR Manager, BLiNQ Media

    "DueProps lifts our team's energy levels and morale every time we use it. Workforce engagement feels like it has tripled in just a short time."
  • Lisa Augustine

    VP Talent Dev., ESPN

    "We found that DueProps immediately improved team collaboration and was refreshingly simple to manage. I'm looking forward to implementing it into other workgroups!"